Monday, November 19, 2012

Nanowrimo update

Of course, Nanowrimo is on again this November.

I have been suspiciously quiet on this front and I've been exceptionally flat this year. An interview with Steam Press Editor Stephen Minchin got me interested in a specific genre. When asked what excites him and what he would love to find in his submission box, he replied, "STEAMPUNK! Good Lord, what I would give for a brilliant steampunk novel which was set in colonial Wellington. I'd have kittens."

So I thought - easy-peasy, I'll do that. I have an idea of a novel set in Wellington in the 1890's with New Zealand inventors from the time featuring as characters, maybe with a superhero thing thrown in (since I love superheros) and I could get something written in November that would be a start for a submission.

Facts: Nanowrimo, for success, requires 50,000 words written in 30 days (1667 words per day). I'm sitting at around 9,000 words at day 20. This means in 11 more days, I'd have to write 41,000 words ( 3727 words per day). Doable, but do I want to? I'm not sure.

As an ML (Municipal Liaison) for Wellington's Nanowrimo crowd, I have to admit that I'm showing poor form, especially after failing the 2011 novel (see previous post on the subject). In my head, any novel writing is better than no novel writing, so I will continue. I don't know if I'll finish or not, but the attempt MUST be made.