Monday, September 17, 2012

Time and Space
re: tribute to the preposition

Once in a while, I think I’m over the hill.
I rarely sit on the fence, but
You’re continually putting me under the hammer
and I’m regularly stuck between a rock and a hard place
so I’m often besides myself.
You almost always put me behind the eight ball
And sometimes hit below the belt.
Again and again, I’m along for the ride.
Over and over, you’ve sold me down the river
and I’m constantly swimming against the tide.
My respect for you is about to vanish into thin air
Remember, you’re never above the law
In no time, you’ll find yourself outside the circle of trust.
Your motives are frequently beyond my understanding
So now I ask, off the top of my head
That you immediately stop being a boy among men
Before I go out of my mind

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