Thursday, August 22, 2013

A sonnet - lazy voters

From Stephen Fry's "The Ode Less Travelled", a poetry exercise in the latter stages of the book asked for a Petrarchan Sonnet about the laziness of the voting public, but with a volta (twist, usually in the last 6 lines) where you come around to their point of view in the end.

NOTE: the Petrarchan/Italian sonnet has 14 lines, written in iambic pentameter (ta-TUM, ta-TUM...) with a rhyming scheme of: abba abba cdecde (the last 6 lines is more flexible than that, but I picked the default).

average voters are a lazy lot
they simply blind themselves to politics
they watch their tv; watch their silly flicks
while drinking wine and beer and smoking pot

while living lives of blood and piss and snot
a remote control one lazily clicks
to watch some porno, T&A and hanging dicks
it’s every day the same, their lives a knot

but think a little on this voting thing
most voters would mostly likely drink more beer
than float the useless political boat

so bring another voter under wing
no voting today, make it very clear
there’s pointless, then there’s voting; don’t vote!

1 comment:

  1. I also noticed that for the sonnet, I pronounce "average" with 3 syllables rather than 2... When I just say it, I don't, it's just 2 syllables, but when thinking about it, I tend to u/i/u, i.e. unstressed, stressed, stressed... weird. :)