Wednesday, October 2, 2013

daily haiku, October 3rd

Last night was Poetry in Motion's Haiku Death Match. Last year, I was 2nd, but I won it this year.

Not only that, it was a rematch of last year's final. Some fantastic haiku, but unfortunately, there were only 8 competitors rather than last year's 16, so the energy wasn't quite as good this time out.

The only new ones were the 3 that I wrote on the night... everything else has been posted here recently.

The audience had 3 topics, "asparagus", "cannibalism", and "baby sitting::

asparagus haiku:

everyone rejoice
it's asparagus season
your pee will smell bad

cannibalism haiku:

surviving alone
on a desert island? NOT

baby sitting haiku:

how to get out of
being asked for baby sitting?
Sit on a baby.

The cannibalism haiku was THOROUGHLY bested (it's the only unanimous vote, and the whole audience was voting!) by last year's champion with one of the best haiku of the night... I don't remember it exactly, but it was something like:

what's eating the poor?
cannibalism? No! That's