Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011 - ongoing

I feel that this year is a bit harder than most, and with my interest in other things, I am quickly falling behind. I am also writing in here rather than doing my novel.

I will quickly summarize my concept and describe some of the difficulties.

Jory Paul is a post-event military man. The event was some unknown force blocking the sun completely. Instead of the sun, at about the orbit of Mars, there is a gigantic sphere. People who understand the astronomy of such things believe that there is probably a Dyson sphere built in our solar system, probably with a living surface on the inside.

Of course, this doesn't take into account the life that is on earth and the freezing, barren, lifeless landscape left over on earth is not enough to support much of a population. Jory is one of the few remaining survivors, trained to hunt for resources and survive on the bitter surface.

While on a mission, a dying man whispers a secret in his ear and it changes his life. He finds himself on the most dangerous mission of his life, trekking for weeks over the frozen ocean surface trying to get to Australia and a chance to save the world from it's apparent fate.

Well, I could have been writing my novel instead of that, but I'll take it! I'll make it the blurb on the dust jacket!

Difficulties - I've started writing poetry and it's on my mind regularly. SO, I'd rather read and write poetry than write my novel. Despite turning my main character into a poet, writing poetry is slow, slogging work that won't get out the 1667 words per day (more now - I'm over 5,000 words behind - need a few 3k-4k days and I'll be good), so obviously just a stop-gap.

Anyway, back to attempting to get a few more words out. 7746 words on Nov 8th at 11:17PM. :(

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