Monday, September 30, 2013

daily haiku, Sept 30th

there is nothing like
fear to fuel creativity
deadlines fuel the fear

Meh... I don't like this haiku that much. I find the last few have been pretty lame.

As one of my recent ones said, I'm trying to get enough good (i.e. funny) haiku together for the haiku death match happening on Wednesday (it's Monday today), and I don't feel I have them.

I just need to write enough in a row that one will eventually be ok. Last year, Una and I were feeding off each other, and we had a lot of good ones.

I started with the idea of:

X statistics - where X was a 2 syllable word, i.e. vampires, zombies, werewolves and playing off that.

zombie statistics
3 in every 4 zombie
prefers live, fast food

vampire statistics
3 in every 4 vampire
hates the twilight books


Hmmm... yeah, need to sit and brainstorm a bit more. I'm a lot less prepared than last  year. :(

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